Covid Response

Pivoting in response to a pandemic

Like everyone in the world Quil had to adapt quickly to the challenges that Covid presented. Additionaly our joint venture Parents; Independence Blue Cross & Comcast looked to leverage Quil with their employees as quickly as possible to keep them informed with latest information about covid and the challenges to the work enviornment and standards standards.

Pivoting to meet the challenges

Withing 3 weeks we modified our invitiation system to allow individuals to join organzation within Quil with a generic code that was shared through corridinated employee email out reach.

We also modify our app & content structure to handle more information that updates regularly. Addtionally as Covid Restions continued we published a series of other journeys focues on, Understanding Vaciations, Return to work Strategeis and Employee Polling.


We enrolled 13,0000 employees within 3 weeks of covid restrictions and we are still a conitnues sources for our parent companies to quickly organize and rease regular updates to our growing library of information.

Addtionally some of our parnter providers have also audomented some of their content with our information on Covid-19 Best practices.