Clients & Integration

Demonstrating Continous Value

Healthcare Professionals have an extremely challenging working situation utlizizing many desparate systems. Knowing this up front Quil has to take a measured approach to getting provider adoption and value.

Undertstanding our users problems while staying lean and making continous improvements.

Ideally we wouldnt make any of our partners use any addtional software and work seamlessly with their workflow. However being a newconer we couldn't wait for that perfect scenerio. We knew we needed our own standalone UI for Provider adoption during these early stages.

However From the onset we planned our architecture, UI & APIs could integrated into health systems as our product and partnerships matured. We did this by making sure our app was coded to be IE11 compliant and responsive, URLS & Roles were defined and avaible and API Documentation.

Stand Alone Application

Initial Integrations

The first area we pushed our integrated workflow out was with using Nordic as a consulting service to help establish HLS7 feeds to to automatially invite a subset of users to quil as we saw them schedule appointments and procedures within the our EHR.

Additinally we directly used our Core Client App as the foundation for our Epic Smart/FHIR App/

Managing our Integrations

Within our administration tooling we provided a UI to control The HLS7 events and codes we associate with our Journey and User Variables. So we can dynamically add and update our current integrations immediately.